Monday, January 14, 2013

Nice to meet you Baby A & Baby B

The boys are 16 months and I'm finally getting around to writing the final blog of "Journey to meeting Baby A & Baby B."  I believe I will always remember that day but I'm sure if I had written this post back then there would have been more details.  Especially about their time in the NICU.    I want to share this for everyone who shared in our journey and guess's time for a new blog about our daily adventures.  I'm thinking of naming that blog "Twins aren't for sissies" but I'm still working on the title.  I wouldn't hold your breath on my next blog.  I may not have time to begin writing till the boys move out. 

The story

The ironic thing is my contractions began about an hour after my last post on August 29, 2011.  However, Cochran & I didn't know they were the real deal.  My wonderful friends Emily and Chrissy had surprised me with a visit that weekend.  Well it was supposed to be a surprise but I did investigative work.  Details.  Back to the story.  Their trip was a HUGE blessing.  That weekend they washed ALL of the boys clothing and bedding and even helped me pack for the hospital.  They actually left that Monday morning on August 29.  Now we do joke that they made me go into early delivery due to excessive laughing.  We did an art project with not only my belly but my sasquash foot.  My right foot to put nicely was gigantuous.  Chrissy made the comment that all of my toes looked like thumbs.  She is so sweet :)  Don't feel sorry for me.  They never hurt.  I wasn't even on my feet that day and we just so happened to look down and gasped and laughed.  Perhaps the foot was trying to warn us. 

The contractions basically felt like period cramps at the beginning.  My lovable nerd husband got on the computer and pulled up a spreadsheet.  Yes, this is a TRUE STORY.  He would enter in the time my contraction began, ended, and the duration was calculated in Column C.  Hehe!  I never felt the Braxton Hicks so that's what we assumed I was experiencing.  I texted Emily that I disliked Braxton Hicks which led to a conversation.  After discussing that they were coming every 7-8 minutes she said her mom, who is a nurse, was encouraging us to head to the hospital to be safe.  She advised that if they were Braxton Hicks they would come inconsistently.  Luckily my bag was packed.  Now imagine my 215+ lb pregnant self getting into a Mini Cooper to head to the hospital.  Again, this is a TRUE STORY.  My husband was in the car business in Tampa and those are the keys he grabbed.  Can't forget the towel he put in the passenger seat.  I think it's important for me to stress that we knew nothing of pregnancies or babies.  Which I'm sure you are picking up on. 

We arrive at St. Joseph Women's in Tampa, FL around 11:15 pm.  At this point we hadn't called either of our parents because we didn't want to get them excited for this false labor.  My contractions were getting a tad more intense but nothing I couldn't handle.  Of course, when a nurse asks your pain level from 1-10 with 10 being your arm being cut off you say "Hmmm...3".  Although 5 may have been more appropriate and now I can say I know what a "10" feels like.  The nurse continued to ask questions and then said she was going to examine me.  With surprise she said, "Well I wasn't expecting that!  You're 3 centimeters dilated."  Again, you're talking to someone who watched the birthing story here and there during 2 weeks of bed rest.  Ten is where I need to be right?  So that's not going to happen fast. 

She came back with the news that we were going to be admitted to the hospital and that they were going to attempt to stop my contractions so the babies could "cook" longer.  Now it was time to call the parents just to let them know we were staying at the hospital but no need for alarm.  My mom still laughs at me because she said when I would get a contraction I would calmly say "Wait 1 minute."  I would slowly inhale and exhale and pop back on the phone. I thought I had control of the situation.

We moved to our new room which I remember was at least six times the size of our previous room and the tv was bigger.  There were 4 nurses taking care of me and getting us set up.  They gave me medication and instructed this was to stop my contractions.  After the ladies got us squared away they said that an ultrasound tech would be in to check on the boys and do their measurements, etc.  The tech came in soon after everyone had departed.  Cochran could tell by the machine when a contraction was coming.  As the tech was trying to get pictures of the boys my contractions began to come back to back and were very intense.  At this point I began asking Cochran to call the nurse.  The nurse said they couldn't give me pain medicine till the tech had completed the ultrasound.  This is when I started saying "This isn't fair!" over and over.  Haha! It was getting to the point where I wasn't getting any breaks.  I remember having 2 back to back contractions and pushing was the only thing I could do.  Right after this point the tech stood up and declared that everything looked great.  As she walks out one of the nurses finally rejoins us and gives me my pain medicine which I immediately started to feel.  She instructed that she was going to check me.  She quickly looks up and says "Did your water break?"  I reply "You're down there.  Did it?"  In panic she re-examines me and in two seconds there were 40 people in the room. 

Now this is where one of my all time favorite moments in my life occurs.  I look at Cochran and say "These boys are coming tonight.  We are going to meet them soon."  I can't recall what he said.  What is burned in my memory is he took both sides of my face gently and looked deeply in my eyes.  His eyes were filled with concern, love, admiration, and strength.  With all the chaos abrupting around us he talked softly and reassuring to me and it was calming.  In that moment I felt so priveledged and strong.  What an amazing gift God has given us women.  We are able to carry and bring children, the greatest blessing, into this world. 

After our "moment" they wheeled me off and told Cochran they would be back for him in 15 minutes.  I'm going to spare the other details.  I know why hold back now? 

On August 30, 2011 BABY A Cameron Joseph Cochran was born at 4:06 a.m and BABY B Blake Alexander was born at 4:09 a.m.  They both weighed 4.11 and were 17" and 17 1/2".  They came so fast that my gyno didn't deliver Cameron but was there to deliver Blake.  They were in the NICU for 10 days.  They were healthy but they just had to learn to take their bottle consistently before we could take them home. 

Today it's hard to believe they were so tiny.  Even though we are still those parents who are learning as we go I know as long as they always feel loved we are doing a great job. 

Thanks for staying with us everyone!  Thanks for the support, prayers, and love.  God is amazing and I thank him several times throughout the day for blessing us with our boys, family, and friends! 

Happy New Year! 

Leslie, Chris, Cameron, and Blake Cochran

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kodak/Funny Moments to Remember

Below I have my positive pregnancy test.  Is it bad that I can't throw them away (I have 2)?  Cochran thinks it is.  I have them sealed in a plastic zip lock bag.  I was just so excited when I saw that  + sign.  You get so many negatives so that positive is a miracle and literally changes your life.
  The story I have to share is that in September 2010 is when we decided that we would no longer take precautions to not get pregnant.  Of course that month for some reason I didn't have my period.  I took tests-NEGATIVE.  I did research and it said sometimes the tests aren't 100% accurate so it's a good idea to go to a doctor to take a pregnancy urine test.  I went into a walk in clinic one day during lunch because I couldn't stand the wait.  So typical me.  I took another test there and waited for the doctor.  The doctor entered the room.  He was Asian and I point that out because when you read this you have to do it with an accent.  Think Mr. Chow on the Hangover if you've seen it. It was too funny.  He said to me, "You take pregnancy test at home. It say you not pregnant. You come here and I tell you you not pregnant.  Yet you still ask if you pregnant.  You go home. Try for a year. If you not pregnant in year come back."  At that I remarked "I would have preferred to speak with a female doctor."  Females are more sensitive to the emotional side of other women.  He snapped "I doctor.  I professssiiioooonnnaal."  Haha!  To say the least I haven't walked back in that clinic. 

When we knew we were pregnant but still hadn't announced it yet and obviously didn't know I was carrying two we called the baby "Peanut."  One morning Cochran made me pancakes.  He surprised me & said he made Peanut one too.  Peanut's was on top. 

People often ask if I've had cravings.  The only time that both of us recall a genuine craving is one night I had to have chocolate chip cookies.  I was in tears for chocolate chip cookies.  Cochran finally went to our little market on site and was able to get a package of four.  I told him we had to heat them in the microwave so they were soft.  Below are the cookies with an "I love you" message he prepared.  I love you too babe!  Thanks for saving my life with the cookies.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have survived if I didn't eat them. 

Our good friends Matt & Ashley Anderson surprised us with insight of what our twins could possibly look like.  I still can't look at this and not laugh!

MeMe purchased a LIFESAVOR for pregnancy pillow; however Scooter is trying to make me practice what I preach..."Sharing is caring."  He LOVES my pillow and every night tries to get to it first.  Let's just say it's mmmyyyyy pillow!  LOL!

Scooter's BFF Hemi stayed with us one weekend.  Cochran & I were in the boy's nursery when the dogs jumped into his lap.  Cochran got some practice in with holding two at a time.  He looks like a natural but obviously we are going to have our hands full.  You can tell by this picture how spoiled Scooter is-Rotten! 

One day at work I told the girls that the people who clean out our individual trash cans every night probably think "Man, this lady is BIG HUNGRY." 
Desiree wrote this letter and attached it to my trash can:

Final straw before purchasing maternity pants...

The shirt explains why she is MeMe...

Heather shared this picture.  Too funny.

Pop already bought the boys a pony named Lucy.  Then he realized there's a few years before they could actually ride her so Lucy has been sold. 
I still think it's too cute and sweet that he did that. They are certain to be well rounded-beach bums, country boys, and little athletes :)

For some reason I like to remix random songs. 
One morning I started remixing "Baby Got Back" while Cochran & I was getting ready for work.  I began, "I like big bellies and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny.  When a girl walks in with a big ole belly." At this point I went blank when Cochran chimed in and said "It is my wife!" 
My other remix recently has been to "Twinkle twinkle little star" and I pretty much sing it every day...
"Cankle cankle you use to be my ankle.  How I wonder where you are."
July 26, 2011 For the first time we felt that one of the boys had the hiccups. His daddy figured it out. After that for a week straight Baby B consistently got hiccups after lunch.  It was like clock work.


August 4, 2011
(me) "Babe will you iron my clothes?" (babe) "Where are they?" (me) "On the bed." (babe) "I'm not ironing 5 dresses!" (me) "Those are shirts!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 weeks and counting

First off, it finally happened...I had to get the stepping stool to place beside the bed.  This momma to be now needs a lift to get into our large King size bed.  We have a canopy bed and I wish we could hang a rope so I could pull myself up to help get me out of bed.  I guess it's an option but I would hate to bring the whole bed down...haha!  So for now I'll continue to do the roll out. 

This week was one I knew would eventually come but it's still hard to believe it's here.  I have noticed a big change in how I feel and energy level compared to 2 weeks ago.  I went to my regular doctor on Tuesday.  The doctor discussed bed rest with me, but fearing I would drive myself crazy being at home and doing nothing all day we decided I could reduce my work schedule to 20 hours a week.  Wednesday I returned to work and talked to our Human Resource Department.  I basically found out that Short Term Disability (STD) only picks up if you are 100% disabled.  Financially speaking I would make more money going on STD versus working.  I spoke to my boss and she agreed it was time for me to rest.  I had many women in the office worried just because they noticed the change in me as well.  I am one of those people who always push forward and sometimes it takes family & friends to tell me "Leslie you need to slow down."  So Thursday was my last day at work.  I tried my best to organize my chaos, worked late, and as I was driving away I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.  I am very relieved to reduce my stress for the boys, get off my feet, and rest so my boys can grow, grow, and grow.

We had our specialist doctor appointment yesterday morning.  Typically 3 weeks fly by but this go around seemed to take longer.  I am guessing along with the change in how I feel and with the due date approaching I am getting more anxious to see them and hear the update.  When we visit the specialist we always have the ultrasound first.  The boys haven't changed positions.  I did find out it's not Baby B's head and butt I feel, but Baby A's feet and Baby B's head.  Baby A is head down and really low.  He lies on my cervix but then he wraps around and his feet are high.  Baby B is up high (I call it the "top bunk") and then he wraps around with his feet low in breach position.  So I picture them in a circle-Head-Feet-Head-Feet.  I told Cochran they are going to have foot fetishes because they always have the other's feet in their face. 

Baby A weighed 3.5 pds and Baby B weighed 3.8 pds.  The doctor and ultrasound tech listened to their umbilical cords to check the flow.  Both were great.  The only concern is that Baby B has a larger stomach than Baby A.  This is not based on the 3 ounce difference but Baby A's stomach circumference is smaller (Cochran said that he just takes after him).  The specialist asked if I was still working and I told him I was now finished.  He said great and that it's time for me to rest and to stay on my left side.  When you become pregnant (you anatomy/biology majors and smarter than I people may already know) you learn that a major vein runs down the right-hand side of your body; it's called the inferior vena cava.  It is recommended to lie on your left side to encourage better circulation both for you and to your baby.  For instance, if I lie on my right side my right leg will fall asleep from my knee up to my thigh.  It's the weirdest thing.  Also, I've told you about how my right side swells more and the nurse said perhaps I sprained my ankle when I was younger.  The specialist said it has more to do with the weight pressure, the vein, and circulation which causes my right side to swell worse than my left.

The specialist also wants me to start having the non-stress tests starting next week at 32 weeks.  Originally I was set to have this at 34 weeks.  I'll also have a non-stress test/visit with the doc the following week and then it will be time to see the specialist the following week.  He did mention at a certain point I will see my regular doctor twice a week. 

Update on our delivery date.  As I was scheduling my next appointment I asked if they knew which doctor was on schedule for 9/23. I discovered it was a doctor that I did not want.  The doctor I prefer is on the schedule the day before so I moved up the date to 9/22.  Of course, our parents have "trip flex" in case of changes.  We may go ahead and if the same doctor is on for the week we may move the date to 9/21.  So our parents can fly in on Tuesday and be there for the arrival of their grand boys on Wednesday.  Of course, anything can happen with twins.  60% of twins are born before 37 weeks.  I am hoping our boys wait till the delivery date.  Two weeks can allow them to gain close to another pound each.  However, we have to be realistic and know that anything could potentially happen 3 weeks from now (35 weeks pregnant) and leading up to our scheduled delivery date.  I've started packing for the hospital but still have a few items to pick up and baby clothes to wash. 

My pregnancy has been so blessed so that's probably why we are all wondering where the time went.  I can't stop looking and kissing their ultrasound pictures.  Today the ultrasound tech could only capture Baby A because Baby B was head down; but they're identical so they should look alike right?  I am focusing on nothing but them.  My hormones are all over the place and my heart has so much joy I think it might burst.

Thanks to all of you for reading and sharing in our journey.  I'll continue with the updates.   

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Countdown is on

Just as expected July flew by.  It always amazes me how fast time goes by.  I try to remember that because I know when the boys get here sleep is going to be something we don't get very often; yet I want to remember to enjoy the moments.  Again, we are scheduled to deliver on Friday, September 23.  We are 8 weeks away.  If both of the boys are head down then it's possible I will delivery vaginally.  However, if only one is head down and the other is in a different position then a C-Section it will be.  Baby A has been in a head down position for a while now but Baby B loves to lie across my belly as high as he can get.  I can typically always feel his head and butt.  I tease he must get his butt from his momma.  The doctor said to me last week, "I don't know how you are breathing."  My response was "Very heavy."  I laugh because at work I will get out of breath just holding a conversation.

Currently, we go to our regular doctor appointments every 2 weeks and the specialist every 3 weeks.  At the regular doctor appointments they monitor my blood pressure, check my urine, measure my belly, listen to the babies' heart rates, and ask/answer questions.  The specialist monitors the boys' growth and development.  At our last specialist appointment they both weighed 2.10 pounds each.  There was only a few grams difference between the two.  First tie! The specialist said during this time is when one baby can start to grow more than the other.  So of course I'm anxious for our next doctor appointment in about 2 weeks. 

 In the past 2 weeks I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel and that it won't be long before everything is a challenge for me.  As of now I have to be strategic on how to get out of bed.  You would think peeing every 3 hours at night would give me practice, but it never gets easier.  I am still working full time so by the end of the day I am very swollen.  For some reason my right side swells more than my left.  The doctor mentioned that perhaps I badly sprained my ankle when I was younger which causes it to be worse.  I am not use to having to slow down so it takes an emotional toll on me.  I'm use to go, go, going and it's hard to accept that I've got to rest and that I can't do everything on my own.  I can admit I'm stubborn and I know I get it honest (from my mom and mammaw). 

I went to the "Mom's of Multiples" meeting and met another mom expecting identical twin girls.  We have started to email regularly and plan on meeting soon.  She is due one week before us and ironically goes to the same specialist and sees the same doctor.  It's very nice to have someone there to share these experiences.  Most of the other moms I met had 8-13 month year olds.  They were all so open in sharing and helping.  I am very happy to have found this group. 

Of course with all the support of the group, co-workers, and new friends it's still very difficult to be so far away from family and friends in Kentucky.  I have had to turn to God to lift me up.  He has placed strong Christian friends in my life and I have to thank Heather and Emily for being there and reminding me the promises God has made.  I have had to remind myself how God has provided for us and what He has done in our lives.  He has blessed our lives beyond measure so I'm not going to doubt Him now.  I'm going to continue to allow Him to lead our lives.  My heart is strong but it's my mind that can "over think" things.  The mind - our thoughts - can be very deceiving.  Again, I have had to ask God to protect my mind against the fears, doubts, and questions I have. Philippians 4:6-7 says  "6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  When I am struggling with something in my life I turn to a bible verse that speaks to me and the struggle(s) I am enduring and post it where I can constantly see it.  God's truth grows in my heart.  There have been times in my life before where I turned to this bible verse.  I have also posted Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  The last thing I want to do when I am stressed, restless, etc. is turn away from God.

My husband has been my rock. Bless his heart he has been by my side thru the ups, downs, and all arounds.  His love and patience is simply amazing.  He always lifts me up and supports me.  I love you! 

I know the next 8 weeks will fly by like the rest of my pregnancy; however I also know that these remaining weeks will be the most challenging-physically, mentally, and emotionally.  However, I know when I hold our boys it will all make sense and that's what I dream about.   I have enjoyed being pregnant and I continue to be amazed by the boys movement and development.  Next weekend we have our belly pictures scheduled.  I had debated whether or not to have them done but I want to capture this beautiful time in our lives.  This may be my only pregnancy-who knows.  There is always that thought if we get pregnant again what if it's, what if...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Names Revealed

Many of you have asked about their names.  Trust me I've been asking my husband alot too!  Haha!  From the beginning he was very picky about what he liked and disliked.  Let me rephrase that-he basically disliked everything.  As I said before we always liked the name Cameron.  Before we even conceived we thought we would name our child Cameron (boy) or Camryn (girl) no matter what the gender.  So when we realized there were two it was just too hard for us to drop Cameron.  So I started trying to come up with other "C" names.  We really liked Cooper but Cooper Cochran was too much.  I began to really like Channing Joseph and Cameron Michael and I had also thrown out Blake and Brody.  Cochran really liked Blake but wouldn't go for Brody.  Finally Channing began to grow on him and the family.  I was ready to announce but Cochran kept insisting we wait.  Then one day he said he really didn't know if he was 100% on Channing.  He said that he still really liked Blake.  I'm very open and I like Cameron and Blake.  We began to discuss middle names.  I definitely wanted Joseph because my dad is Joseph Shawn and my Pappaw Borders was Robert Joseph.  Those were the two most important men in my life growing up and I really wanted to pass that along.  We both liked Cameron Joseph better than Blake Joseph; however I like the name Joseph Blake Cochran.  However, Cochran is adamant that their first name is the name we call them.  Plus, we like the nickname CJ.  Therefore, we decided Cameron Joseph Cochran for Baby A.  On to Blake.  Cochran found his middle name by none other than using Google. 

I can't say it's completely final because anything can change before it's written on the birth certificate.  But as of now Cameron Joseph and Blake Alexander Cochran it is!

Nesting to Resting

Meme and Pop visited this past July 4th weekend.  We had an amazing time.  They drove down and brought all the boys gifts from the baby shower in April.  They were loaded down!  They arrived on a Thursday night and we enjoyed a nice dinner out to eat.  There they felt their first kicks as the boys were on the move at the table.  The following day I had a specialist appointment.  I was excited for them to come along and see their grandbabies.  Our ultrasound tech was awesome.  She quickly turned on the 3D and we were all amazed to see their little faces and bodies.  Baby A was head down and Baby B was lying across and around the top of my stomach.  It wasn't long before she pointed out Baby A's butt was in Baby B's face.  You could see his little butt cheeks.  Haha!  Baby B quickly put up his hands and blocked his face from his brother's shenanigans.

As of now the trend continues where the boys take turns growing; which is a great sign that they are sharing.  "Sharing is caring" is our motto!  Baby B weighed 1 pound 13 ounces and Baby A weighed 1 pound 11 ounces.  When the doctor came in he reviewed their weight and pointed out that they are in the 50th percentile for growth.  He said "This is as good as it gets."  Those words are a wonderful relief for a mom to be.  I have hope that we continue on this path.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!  The doctor also said that it is time for me to slow down.  No walking for a long distance and to slow down when I do walk.  So what did we do the next day?  We went to SeaWorld.  I walked slowly and of course there were a ton of shows we watched.  We all had a fun day!  Plus, I had an amazing piece of carrot cake :) 

We had already accomplished putting up all of my shower gifts on Friday night.  So Sunday mom, dad, and I ventured out to go shopping for the remaining items on my registry that we needed for when the boys come home.  After a busy day of shopping we brought all the goodies home and finished the boys' room.  It is so cute!  I am so relieved to have that done.  Thanks mom and dad for all of your help!  I'm proud that my hubby and I worked as hard as we did since the timing to slow down is here.  Monday that's what we certainly did.  We took Scoot Dog to the doggy beach at Honeymoon Island.  I got tickled watching MeMe and Pop play with him in the water.  It won't be long before there are two little boys playing on the beach.  I hope they love the water as much as their mommy and daddy does.  That night we watched fireworks down at St. Pete Beach.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.  Saying our "Goodbye's" the following day was anything but easy.  The craziest part is we realized the next time they visit the boys will be here and I will be a mommy! Wow!

From Nesting to Resting!  Now I need to read, read, read to learn how to take care of these boys and learn the tricks of the trade from other mommies...haha!  I have joined a group called the Tampa Bay Moms of Multiples.  They have a forum where you can ask questions, read others comments, there is a monthly meeting, play dates, and outings for moms.  I'm looking forward to meeting other moms and couples who can relate and provide support.  More than anything I'm getting more and more anxious (not to mention bigger) as the due date gets closer.  It's like I am beginning to see the finish line which is actually just the beginning :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random thoughts

If you haven't noticed I slack on the blog and then tend to post back to back.  I can't help but share these odd random thoughts.  Please note that I also have insightful, intelligent thoughts...LOL! But that's not the name or intent of this blog :) 

1. The other day I couldn't get Maury Povich out of my head.  Why in the world would you go on national television and paternity test multiple men?  I couldn't imagine being pregnant and not sure of who my babies' daddy was.  Christopher Shane Cochran YOU ARE THE FATHER! 

2. I can't fathom being pregnant with quadruplets or more.  Triplets would be scary...yes.  However, I can imagine having three babies in my belly.  I guess because it's one more, but four would be doubling it and completely freaks me out.  I honestly don't see how Kate and Octomom didn't feel like an animal carrying a litter.  I can't imagine carrying let alone delivering and being mom to that many babies at once.  WOW and HELP are the only two words that come to mind!

3.  There is a special coming on TV next week about identical twins having ESP.  I can't wait to report about what I discover and how interesting it will be to see how our boys interact.  Will they have their own language?  I already have the video camera ready!

4.   A friend at work mentioned the Astrology signs.  She shared that she wonders if she altered her son's personality since she had a scheduled C-Section and his birthday fell at the cusp of one sign over the other.  Which lead me to research aka Google what the boys Astrology sign would be.  According to some sites they would be right there between a Libra and Virgo; however I then discovered articles that the signs shifted according to Astronomers and they even discovered a new Zodiac sign.  Which would mean that I'm no longer a Capricorn.  Hello!  Therefore, I have decided this is no longer relevant. I don't even read my horoscope; however I have to admit when reading the characteristics of a Capricorn it's eerily a description of me.  

5.  Modern Family-we love it!  We've been watching it on NetFlix.  While I was sick last week and flipping thru channels I saw a rerun of Oprah and they had the cast of Modern Family on the show.  Did you know that baby Lily is identical twin girls?  The next Mary Kate and Ashley perhaps?  Haha!  So of course it made me daydream about our boys being tiny models or actors.  Also the hubbs and I love watching pranks and we saw some really good ones that only identical twins can pull off.  I can 100% see our little guys being pranksters.  It runs in the family (cough...MeMe)!